The main goal of Herscu Laboratory is to produce practical tools for applying integrative concepts in clinical practice and medical research, with a particular effort to develop personalization within these areas. One of our core beliefs is that by harnessing greater understanding of individuals' symptomatologies, attributes, abilities, modes of learning, and behaviors we may significantly improve our ability to do everything from treating illness to developing effective tools to address behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. Through a general systems approach, the Herscu Laboratory strives to develop models of understanding that are applicable across normally delineated fields, leading to evolution in the scientific understanding of health and disease, as well as behavioral development and learning. To this end we develop cross-disciplinary ideas and applications and share findings in the common language of science.


By taking a non-exclusionary outlook in the evaluation and integration of concepts and ideas from diverse fields, while simultaneously rooting our work in scientific exploration of high methodological quality, we aim to make a significant impact on the future development of medicine and the science of health and disease.