Herscu Laboratory is partnered with a diversity of organizations on various projects - a brief summaries of those organizations, with descriptions from their web pages, are found below:

Personalized Pharmaceutical Systems (PPS)

Personalized Pharmaceutical Systems (PPS) is dedicated to advancing efficacy and success in medicine by incorporating phenomics and physiomics to refine clinical trials and medical practice. PPS utilizes the inter-individual variability which currently confounds drug trials to actually enhance efficacy outcomes. PPS technology is designed to cluster and categorize clinical trial subjects according to their phenomes and physiomes, which ultimately drives clinical trial outcomes. In the clinical environment, PPS technology is aimed at improving "best practices" by predicting the Right Drug for each patient the First Time. Patient categorization criteria based upon accurately measurable and clinically relevant phenomic characteristics improves prescribing accuracy in real time, leading to significantly improved treatment outcomes.

Whewell Biosciences

Whewell Biosciences is an innovative drug discovery company, utilizing research in ethnobotany to uncover pharmacologically active molecules with potential relevance for medical use or describe novel uses for existing compounds. Beyond discovering valuable treatments, their goal is to minimize guesswork and wasted effort in the process by creating intelligent and efficient processes for predicting potential drug usage without excessive, untargeted laboratory research.

The Helfgott Research Institute

The Helfgott Research Institute is a professionally independent, non-profit research institute whose mission is to conduct rigorous, high quality, research on the art and science of healing, specifically working to understand natural forms of medicine. Together, scientists from the fields of naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, immunology, and nutrition apply their expertise to the study of natural medicine. The Helfgott Research Institute (Helfgott) has a state-of-the-art basic science laboratory, as well as the resources to carry out clinical research. Current faculty research projects at Helfgott include grants directly funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In addition, Helfgott participates in several collaborative grants with Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) as well as with other Western biomedical and naturopathic schools.

The New England School of Homeopathy (NESH)

NESH was created in 1987 by Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg to translate homeopathic philosophy into the successful and predictable practice of medicine. Our goal is for practitioners of homeopathy to fulfill their potential role in health care-to help people attain freedom from illness on the mental, emotional, and physical planes so they may better realize their highest aspirations.


Archibel has been known throughout the world for more than a decade as a leader in merging state-of-the-art technology with Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Phytotherapy, and other complementary healing arts. The Company Archibel S.A. is a Belgian company. Throughout its existence Archibel has maintained its vision to offer the highest quality in medical software.

The Parenting Community

The Parenting Community was developed by doctors, parents, teachers and medical consultants with decades of combined experience raising, consulting with and treating families and children. We aim to bring together the worlds of natural medicine and parenting to interested parents, caregivers and families. The newsletters, books , DVDs, CDs & suggestions that will be part of the Parenting Community offer parents, teachers and other healthcare providers natural treatment options, products and programs to help address learning and behavioral problems, emotional concerns and both general and specific health issues. Dr. Amy Rothenberg combines her knowledge and experience as a naturopathic physician and mother of three in the form of a monthly column entitled, Parent’s Progress Report, designed to address the issues facing parents today. Dr. Rothenberg brings together over 20 years of clinical naturopathic medical practice, with an extensive career teaching and writing on topics in the fields of natural medicine as well as parenting.

The Institute of Veterinary Alternative Therapy ( IVAT )

The goal of the Institute of Veterinary Alternative therapy (IVAT) is to provide a quality educational training program leading to certification to individuals wishing to become Veterinary Health Managers. The IVAT 3 year program is designed to educate future professionals in the skilled use of three major holistic/alternative modalities.