Through our partnerships and cooperative efforts, Herscu Laboratory in effect consists of a large and diverse group of researchers, clinicians, and educators. Brief bios for the primary investigators in the Herscu Laboratory are listed below, followed by those for associates in partnered organizations.


Paul Herscu, ND, DHANP

Dr. Paul Herscu is an internationally sought-after public speaker. He has lectured extensively in most countries in Europe as well as the United States, South Africa, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. Dr. Herscu is the founder and director of The New England School of Homeopathy, and founded The New England Journal of Homeopathy which was published from 1992-2002. He has been in private practice, specializing in the treatment of pediatric neurological disorders with an emphasis on autistic spectrum disorders, since 1986. He is the author of a number of books on homeopathy including The Homeopathic Treatment of Children, Pediatric Constitutional Types. Dr. Herscu is co-founder of Personalized Pharmaceutical Systems, a company aimed at improving individual-specific targeting of drugs and clinical prediction tools related to the prevention of adverse effects. He also heads Whewell Biosciences, a company whose mission is to uncover and develop pharmacologically active molecules useful in medicine. Dr. Herscu is the chief designer and investigator in an ongoing clinical trial investigating CAM treatment of influenza and in development of clinical decision tools for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Angioedema. A graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Herscu had served on the board of several organizations, including the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP).

Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP

Dr. Amy Rothenberg graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1986, and has been in private practice as a primary care physician since that time. Her focus is on development of homeopathy within the larger scope of naturopathic medicine, as well as the integration of naturopathic medicine into mainstream public health approaches. Dr. Rothenberg is the co-founder of The New England School of Homeopathy, and has taught for the International Foundation of Homeopathy, the National Center of Homeopathy, as well as numerous international seminars. Additionally, she has been an advisor in the development of a student wellness program at Yale and has taught at Hampshire College. She often guest lectured at UMASS Medical School in Worcester, MA at UMASS School of Nursing in Amherst, MA as well at Smith College and Mt Holyoke College. Dr. Rothenberg served on the Amherst, MA, Board of Health from 1997-2003, and as research coordinator for The India AIDS Project, sponsored by the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the Indian government, in 1997 and 2001. She was editor of the New England Journal of Homeopathy, and has authored countless articles on homeopathy and naturopathic medicine for various CAM journals. Dr. Rothenberg’s other affiliations include the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Homeopaths Without Borders, the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association.

Todd Hoover, MD

Dr. Hoover is a co-founder and Vice-President of PPS. Prior to his involvement in PPS, Dr. Hoover served as Medical Director of Lockheed Martin, Inc. from 1994 to 2006, where he implemented a highly successful, personalized medical approach to enhance employee wellness resulting in approximately $16 million in annual cost savings. In 2004, Dr. Hoover began to work closely with Dr. Herscu to effectively position this new system of classification for the pharmaceutical industry, where it might have significant impact for the physician. In that work, Dr. Hoover has conducted research trials in Angioedema to produce decision making tools to improve treatment strategies in the emergency department setting. Dr. Hoover completed his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University as part of an accelerated 5 year program with Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Hoover is board certified in Family Medicine and has additional expertise in aerospace medicine, nuclear, chemical and biological defense, and electronic medical records systems. He previously served as a Medical Officer in the United States Navy.

Liz Kaltman, MPH

Liz Kaltman is Executive Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Public Health ( where she focuses on building bridges to health in underserved communities using integrative approaches. She began her career in public health in Latin America in 1987, first in Paraguay and later in Chile, where she resided for three years. Ms. Kaltman completed her Masters of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley. She went on to work as a communicable disease epidemiologist for city and state health departments in the United States and is the former the Director of Surveillance for Springfield, Massachusetts. Ms. Kaltman has extensive experience in community health, HIV/AIDS and infectious disease research. She serves as a consultant on communicable disease research methods and public health policy. In collaboration with Herscu Laboratories and the Helfgott Institute, she is an investigator for the CAM influenza trials. She also the West Coast Regional Coordinator for the New England School of Homeopathy. Ms. Kaltman has a strong interest in international health and serves as a board member for the non-profit organization Natural Doctors International ( She is currently in her final year of studies at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon where she is completing her training as a primary care physician. Her clinical interests include obesity, diabetes, endocrinology and infectious disease. Ms. Kaltman maintains a steadfast commitment to improving health in underserved populations and strives to maximize the effectiveness of integrative medicine in these communities.

Janet Monnier, MD

Dr. Monnier graduated from the State University of New York Medical Center, and completed residence at the Somerset Family Practice Residency Program in New Jersey. She specializes in holistic and natural medicine for adults and children, family medicine, and homeopathy. She offers her patients a unique blend of natural and holistic options within a traditional medical setting. Dr. Monnier is currently involved in the ongoing CAM trial in influenza occurring in Portland, OR, among other projects.


Associated Faculty:

Antonella Favit, MD, PhD

Dr. Favit is the President and founder of StratMedica LLC, an innovative strategic consulting firm, specialized in drug development, theranostics, and experimental therapeutics research. Dr. Favit is specialized in Central Nervous System disorders and Neuroimaging with a specific focus on Movement Disorders, Dementias, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, and Depression. Dr. Favit is a pioneer in the field of Applied Theranostics for drug development in neurodegeneration, and an expert in Experimental Therapeutics and applied diagnostics for preventive medicine and disease modification. Throughout her career, Dr. Favit has held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry bringing a creative and innovative approach to strategic planning in clinical development and post-marketing programs. Dr. Favit is expert in all aspects of drug development, pre- and post-marketing strategy, health economics and reimbursement, as well as business development, with more than 15 years of clinical development expertise from both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Highly respected in the Neurology and Psychiatric arena, Dr. Favit has established a strong reputation among experts and consultants in related fields with excellent relationships within the domestic and international opinion leader network. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry Dr. Favit has conducted research on neurotransmission deficit and neuroprotection publishing extensively in the neuroscience field. Dr. Favit’s scientific research in Alzheimer's Disease brought her to become a co-inventor on an NIH patent for a novel diagnostic test. Dr. Favit holds a M.D. and a Ph.D. from University of Catania, Italy, with a board certification in Neurology and Psychiatry. Dr. Favit has trained for over 10 years in the USA as a visiting scientist at the National Institutes of Health and held a faculty position at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. Prior to her permanence in the USA, Dr. Favit performed as lecturer in Neuropharmacology and held a research position at the University of Catania.

Mark Reilly, PhD

Dr. Mark Reilly is an associate professor and Director of the Experimental Program in the Psychology Department at Central Michigan University. Dr. Reilly received his B.S. from the University of Florida in 1989, his M.S. from the University of North Texas in 1993 and his Ph.D. from West Virginia University in 1996. He completed a three year post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Michigan and at Wayne State University which was sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. He then took a position as an Assistant Professor of Research at Arizona State University for four years, during this time he was awarded a Career Development Award from NIDA. Dr. Reilly has served on several editorial boards of research journals including the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and the Journal of General Psychology. Dr. Reilly’s research interests include the effects of drugs on learning and choice behavior, quantitative modeling of behavior, ethanol self-administration, impulsivity, gambling, the biological basis of reinforcement, and the effects of delayed consequences on learning and performance.  Dr. Reilly is working with Whewell Biosciences in early stage laboratory research on specific molecules of interest.

Carlo Calabrese, ND, MPH

Dr. Calabrese, Senior Investigator at the Helfgott Research Institute, is a Research Professor at National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM). He develops methods for investigating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and has performed and published clinical trials and observational studies in nutrients, botanicals, and CAM practices. He holds has a faculty appointment in the Dept of Neurology at OHSU where he is also the Associate Director of the NIH/NCCAM Developmental Research Center on CAM , Expectancies and Outcomes. He serves on the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s (NCCAM) Advisory Council and also on its Data and Safety Monitoring Board. He was a founder and Co-director of the Bastyr University Research Institute after serving as Clinic Director and Dean of Clinical Education at NCNM. He was Product Development Manager 1999-2000 for Nutricia, the world’s largest dietary supplement manufacturer. He authored one of the first successful applications for an NIH research grant to a CAM institution and contributed to the development of ethical research oversight and laboratory facilities at Bastyr and NCNM. He also led the successful effort to secure the Department of Education’s recognition of the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, the naturopathic profession’s academic accrediting agency. He was a principal in the recent development of a national research agenda for naturopathic medicine. His current studies are in diabetes and metabolic risk. He received his ND from NCNM in 1983 and his MPH from the University of Washington in 1992.  Dr. Calabrese is the principal investigator in the ongoing CAM influenza research.

Peggy Fleming, DVM

Dr. Fleming graduated in 1981 from the University of Florida with a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine. After a three year position as an associate veterinarian for a prominent Florida equine practice, she founded her own private hospital in Tampa Florida. In 1988 she became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture society, and later taught over 10 years for this group. In 1989 she became certified in veterinary chiropractic medicine with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. In 1990 she graduated from the first veterinary homeopathic certification course taught by Dr Richard Pitcairn. She continued her studies in acupuncture by obtaining a degree in human five element classical acupuncture from Dr. J.R. Worsley and the Classical Acupuncture Institute. She now owns and operates the Florida Acupuncture Center, a facility dedicated to the holistic care of people and their animals. She also runs the Institute for Veterinary Alternative Therapy, a school dedicated to the study of CAM for animals. Dr. Fleming is the co-author of "Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine" and "Veterinary Acupuncture, Ancient art to Modern Medicine", as well as sole author of "Equine Acupuncture Loci". She is currently hosting an ongoing veterinary homeopathy course with Paul Herscu at her clinic in Brooksville, Florida, and is involved in ongoing veterinary research with Herscu Laboratory.