Education Research

Education is being examined as part of the larger continuum of biology and medicine that relates to neuroplasticity and response to environmental stimuli. Herscu Laboratory is developing educational tools for children that relate directly to the learning and behavioral disorders, such as ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disease, that are being studied concurrently from a medical perspective.

Educational tools for children with ADHD

As a complement to the investigation of internal medicine in the treatment of ADHD, Herscu Laboratory is also looking at methods of learning as they correspond to specific clinical subpopulations within ADHD sufferers. The purpose is similar; understanding and predicting which learning tools will be most suitable for a particular child based on sub-differentiation of their clinical presentation. By targeting the more specific learning issues within clinical sub-populations, Herscu Laboratory hopes to develop personalized learning tools that result in predictable and significant improvement.

Educational tools for children with processing problems

One focus within the educational research is children with information processing problems that create difficulties in reading or math, in conceptualizing and completing tasks, or in general academics, communication skills and/or appropriate socialization skills. A published ebook, See the World created in conjunction with The Parenting Community, is available, presenting practical approaches and exercises which address many of the above-listed issues. Herscu Laboratory is developing a trial to gain feedback on the efficacy of implementing this program in a public school system.


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