Immunology Research

Herscu Laboratory is undertaking focused research in autoimmune disorders, asthma, infectious disease, and public health. As in other areas, one of the main goals of the research is the creation of practical tools that aid in both future research as well as clinical practice.

Influenza research

Current research in influenza focuses on personalizing treatment choices based on the changing nature of epidemic influenza over time and space, and understanding and predicting the effect of yearly variation on treatment efficacy and decision making. Influenza treatment with CAM modalities is part of this focus area, see the CAM section for more information and links to current publications.

Public Health Applications

Herscu Laboratory is researching and developing public health tools, focusing on influenza treatment and characterization, as well as treatment and prevention strategies in other epidemic and endemic disease. The goal is two-fold; to develop tools that can help to predict, characterize, and identify effective treatment for diseases which represent a public health crisis, and also to create the necessary infrastructure to distribute such tools to clinicians and the public. Specific research within CAM, influenza, and public health is ongoing; see the CAM section for more information.


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