Neurology Research

Herscu Laboratory is pursuing various research in neurological diseases, and is partnered with Whewell Biosciences to develop novel treatment compounds for CNS diseases.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Herscu Laboratory is developing tools to help sub-categorize ASD patients into refined clinical categorizations that are relevant to treatment decisions. Accurate sub-diagnoses will be compared to success and failure of available interventions in order to increase the accuracy of clinical treatment.

ASD Drug Development

Herscu Laboratory is partnering with Whewell Biosciences in the development of a novel compound for ASD treatment. The molecule is currently in the initial stages of research and development.


Herscu Laboratory is involved in a research effort to develop understanding of clinical sub-groupings within the larger population of ADHD diagnosed children and adults. Research is aimed at better understanding of both the mechanism and individuating differences among the diversity of ADHD sufferers, as well as increasing the accuracy and predictability of drug and treatment effects for individuals.

ADHD Drug Development

Herscu Laboratory is partnering with Whewell Biosciences to produce a novel drug treatment for ADHD. The molecule is currently being researched in animal testing phase at Central Michigan University.

ADHD Treatment Targeting Enhancement

Herscu Laboratory and PPS are continuing research into ADHD sub-typing and prediction of individual treatment response for specific pharmaceuticals.


Herscu Laboratory is developing tools to better diagnose and sub-categorize children suffering from epilepsy in order to advance the ability to individualize, and thus enhance the efficacy of, pharmaceutical and other treatment. As in the ADHD research, the primary goals are better differentiation of medically-relevant sub-groups of epilepsy sufferers, better understanding of individual differences in pathomechanism, and well-tailored application of treatment.


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