Public Health Research

Herscu Laboratory has ongoing research and development projects focused on the development of public health infrastructure.

Public Health Infrastructure Projects

Herscu Laboratory is researching and developing innovations for structuring and disseminating public health information. The goal is two-fold; to develop tools that can help to predict, characterize, and identify effective treatment for a rapidly shifting epidemic, and also to create the necessary infrastructure to distribute such tools quickly and efficiently.

Influenza Treatment

Current research in influenza focuses on personalizing treatment choices based on the changing nature of epidemic influenza over time and space, and understanding and predicting the effect of yearly variation on treatment efficacy and decision making. Herscu Laboratory is developing tools to accurately track, and provide treatment suggestion, based on the changing nature of the epidemic. Clinical Prediction Guides (CPGs), dynamically updated with the year to year epidemic variation, are one possible tool for the application of effective treatment in a high-flow public health setting.


Herscu Laboratory has launched an influenza website presenting CAM resources, research, and tools for influenza treatment. For more information visit this site at

Clinical Trial Tools

Herscu Laboratory is developing tools to help focus clinical trial data acquisition on variables predicted to be relevant for characterizing sub-groups among heterogeneous trial populations. The purpose of this research is to enhance trial outcomes through better targeting of drugs to high-efficacy, low adverse-effect sub-groups. A secondary result is increasing efficiency and decreasing waste and guesswork in the clinical trial process.


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