Veterinary Research

Herscu laboratory is working on developing tools to predict the right treatment for the animal patient the first time around, lessening side effects and enhancing ‘patient’ response.

Musculoskeletal and Immune Disorders in Veterinary Medicine

Specific research in veterinary medicine focuses on individuating clinical diagnosis and treatment for various musculoskeletal, immune, and inflammatory disorders. Herscu Laboratory is pursuing this research in conjunction with the Institute of Veterinary Alternative Therapy (IVAT).

Research in the overlap of human and animal sub-populations

As in other areas, veterinary research into effective animal treatment is focused on developing the ability to sub-type populations within any given diagnosis or disease area. An offshoot of this research is the discovery of similar patient response and predispositions that represent a level of overlap between human and animal populations. Beyond its direct medical relevance, this area of research at Herscu Laboratory has important scientific implications within the wider fields of speciation, evolutionary biology, behavioral sciences, and systems theory.


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